Marketing Managers Responsibilities


Marketing Managers Responsibilities

Marketing management is a highly specialized organizational discipline that focuses on the practical implementation of the marketing principles and processes within companies and industries and on the supervision of a company’s marketing efforts and resources. The chief objectives of this management are to establish a company’s position in the marketplace, to maximize company revenues through the use of its marketing strategies and to achieve the highest levels of company profit through the best utilization of company resources. Because the scope of a marketing manager’s responsibility is so broad, it is necessary for each company to have a separate marketing manager to handle specific issues and problems.

The most essential element of the responsibilities of a marketing manager is that he or she must possess good managerial skills. Good managerial skills will help the marketing manager to effectively carry out the responsibilities of his or her position. It is important that a marketing manager is able to effectively communicate with employees, with customers and with other managers within the company.

A marketing manager should be capable of assessing the business needs and objectives of the company and must be able to provide an effective strategy for meeting these needs. The manager’s strategic plan will include a description of the company’s goals, a detailed program of marketing activities aimed at meeting these goals, a plan for organizing marketing efforts, and a timetable for achieving the goals. In addition to establishing goals, a marketing manager will also plan the strategy that will enable a company to reach its goals. For example, a marketing manager may plan a national advertising campaign to reach potential clients throughout the country. A marketing manager might also plan a national promotion program to increase the company’s visibility among potential customers.

Another important part of a marketing manager’s responsibilities is the development and maintenance of the company’s advertising and promotional campaigns. These campaigns will depend upon the type of products that the company produces, and the level of customer loyalty that the company has built up over a period of time. A successful marketing campaign will draw in new customers and keep existing customers satisfied, but a successful marketing campaign will also ensure that the company’s advertising expenditures are justified by the return on investment of those funds.

One of the most important areas of responsibility for a marketing manager is that of supervising the preparation of marketing budgets. A marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that budgeted resources are being used for their intended purposes, that expenditures are justified by the expected returns on those resources, and that no funds are wasted on nonessential advertising and promotional activities. It is important for a marketing manager to have excellent communication skills. He or she should have the ability to work well with employees and should be able to communicate with both the outside and inside market.

As a manager, you should consider the fact that your primary focus is to ensure that the company’s objectives are achieved and your personal responsibility is to help to bring them to realization. If your main goal is to promote the growth of the company, you should be concerned about the quality of your communications and the development of a good relationship between you and your staff.